Letters to My Daughter

Letters to My Daughter

From Fictional Characters

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Scout Finch

To Kill a Mockingbird

Hey Eliana. Scout here.

I hope you’re soaking up everything right now because growin’ up can be hard. It’ll happen to you eventually, whether you believe me or not. One night you’ll be catching fireflies in the summer heat and the next, wham! You’ll be hit hard over the head with the world the grownups have so successfully up ‘til now, kept you oblivious to.

And it’s not always nice, this new world, let alone fair. I think it’s best to let you know this now and not sugarcoat nothin’. The truth is always better in my books than a nice lie tied up with a bow. Sometimes, even when you do the right things, even when you follow the rules, even when you listen to the people in charge like they tell you, things can turn out wrong. That’s just how it is. But that doesn’t mean you should stop tryin’ to make it right. Actually, the worst thing you could do is give up just because something wasn’t fair.

And don’t think you’ll always have everyone on your side either. My daddy had the whole town just about against him at one point. But he kept fightin’. The people that really matter will have your back anyway, so don’t worry about the rest.

One more thing. You know that kid no one likes to sit next to? Or that neighbor that seems kinda weird? Have nothin’ but kindness for them. Don’t let folks have nothin’ but good to say about the way you treated them. Try and get to know them. There’s a lot more under the surface than you could ever know.

Well, I think that about covers it. Maybe don’t wear any big bulky costumes while walking home in the dark.



Scout Finch


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